a weekend in the country

by Michelle

snowshoeing with Fynn    Winter at the Farm winter berries

Winter looks different in the country.

winter 2014

As our truck broke the crest of the long snow swept driveway, what lay before was nothing short of winter perfection. It was late in the afternoon but, knowing we still had several hours of daylight, we grabbed our snow shoes and took Fynn on his first winter’s walk at the farm.

Pine Grove

a winter's walk

When we set out, the light was golden but, as the sun lowered in the sky, the golds faded to cobalt.


We’ve been feeling shack happy since we’ve been back in the city. This weekend, we packed in as much fresh air, sunlight and exercise, as possible, playing in the snow with Fynnigan.

Changing Light

As the sun set, the kaleidoscope shifted once again . We ended the day taking in the beauty of our farm, through rose colored glass.

waiting for summer

winter's dusk

How quiet the world can be…


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