guacamole – lickety-split

guacamole - lickety-split - bite


Guacamole is wonderful as a dip for tortilla chips, spread on toast topped with an egg, or as part of a Tex-Mex wrap like the one I had for lunch. I started with a spinach flavoured tortilla spread with warmed refried black beans. Next, I sprinkled on a Mexican shredded cheese blend, tender spring leaves, sliced rotisserie chicken, a great big spoonful of  guacamole and a plop of salsa. It was off-the-charts delicious!

For my hard-core cooking pals, this post is blasphemy. Lickety-split guacamole is an oxymoron. What could be easier than mashing up an avocado, mincing some garlic, chopping fresh tomatoes and cilantro, squeezing a lime then giving it all a mix. Well…if you don’t have time to do the mincing, chopping and squeezing, simply scooping a perfect condiment that will turn your avocado into guacamole is faster. There are a profusion of salsa flavours available at the supermarket, from mild to hot, some including exotic fruit, fun herbs and spices. Use your favourite to turn an avocado into a delicious bowl of guacamole in seconds flat. The moral of my little story is life’s busy, but we still need to eat well. If good, healthy commercial products can save us precious moments and deliver delectable taste then blasphemy becomes respectable and I can live with that!

I’m days away from launching my latest menu. So many moving parts; apparently, I thrive on stress… talk soon xo

Serves 2

1 ripe avocado
1 tablespoon hot commercial chunky salsa

guacamole - lickety-split - bite



  • Using a sharp knife, cut through the skin of the avocado lengthwise by pushing your knife, gently, into the flesh until you reach the hard pit.
  • When you feel the pit, stop pushing and spin the avocado around your knife so that your knife cuts the avocado in half.
  • To remove the pit from the avocado, whack your knife into the top ¼ inch of the pit then twist the avocado holding the knife steady. The pit should twist right out.

guacamole - lickety-split - bite

  • Scoop the flesh into a bowl and mash it coarsely with a fork.
  • Fold in the salsa.

guacamole - lickety-split - bite

THE LOVE: You can use whatever salsa you like. Add fresh lime juice, chopped cilantro, extra garlic, ground cumin if you want more flavour and work!

Thanks for reading.