Lemon Drowned Cod and Fraises des Bois

by Michelle

Whenever my family is together we, literally, move from one meal to the next. It’s not a conscious thing. We just love to cook and eat together! Being at the farm has only heightened our passion. Canada Day weekend was no exception. We all love waking up together and having a long lingering breakfast full of delicious food and conversation. Ralph is not a white bread fan so I developed a new whole grain bread recipe sweetened with my uncle George’s honey. His bees feed from the wild flowers on our farm – so cool!

The wild strawberries on our farm are ripe so, after breakfast, Kaitie and I headed out to see if we could pick enough berries to make a batch of fresh ‘fraises des bois’ ice cream for dessert later that day. I simply added 2 cups of the tiny strawberries to my vanilla ice cream recipe.

Remember my fields of wild strawberry blossoms – I forgot that everything else in the fields would also be growing. I am trying to pick tiny little berries in two foot high clover!

We did it!

I added the sugar to the strawberries and let them sit for an hour to extract some yummy strawberry syrup. Then I combined the strawberry mixture with the cream before pouring it into my ice cream maker. My 25-year-old cosmopolitan daughter licked the beater clean!

Ralph and I love a simple lunch of salad and fish in the summer. The herbs in my garden call to me daily and the wonderful thing about growing herbs is that the more you pinch them the healthier the plant becomes. Kaitie, Sara and I prepared a lunch of lemon drowned cod, spinach salad with a chive and chevre buttermilk dressing and french baguette.

Lemon Drowned Cod

preheat oven 375*F and place oven rack in upper 2/3 of oven

line a baking sheet with parchment paper

allow one 4-6 ounce white fish fillet per person I used fresh cod

sprinkle the fish with your favorite fresh herb I used variegated lemon thyme

allow 2 slices of fresh lemon, quartered, per fillet then lay them on top of fish fillet

drizzle fish with olive oil about a teaspoon per fillet then squeeze the juice from a lemon over top about 1/4 lemon per fillet

season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Place in oven on the upper 2/3 rack positon and bake for 15 minutes

Always check to see if the fish is cooked… if it’s white, fluffy and flakey you are good to go!

My camera lenses was covered in dew which makes Kate look a little ethereal.

It was a beautiful weekend.

Thanks for reading.