Romance Under the August Moon

by Michelle

It’s a remarkable thing to share your life with someone. To have and to hold…

I remember, so clearly, the day that Ralph asked me to marry him. It was not romantic.

We were standing in my great-aunt’s dining room. Ralph asked her to join us. When she arrived, he simply turned to me, took both of my hands in his and said, “marry me”.

The room started to spin. This was not how I had pictured his proposal. Every drop of self-doubt and every irrational musing, I could conjure up, swirled around me. I am not sure how much time had passed but, when I had steadied, Ralph was still holding my hands and my great-aunt was wide-eyed with anticipation. I agreed.

I asked him later why he had wanted my aunt present while he asked me “the big question’. He said, “I wanted a witness”. I kid you not! He wanted a witness – clearly romance was not a priority for Ralph.

Catapult twenty years ahead… Saturday night the most glorious full moon graced our pastures.

It had been a wonderful day. The farmer next to us had taken the hay off of our southern fields which is a beautiful thing to behold. The tractor creates long neat rows of hay ready to be bailed. The golden hue of the hay against the blue of the river and sky and the green rolling hills of the Kingston Peninsula in the background, is stunning.

Later in the day, we had wonderful guests for a delicious country-style dinner. After dinner we sat out on the veranda and chatted as the moon rose. We all marvelled at how spectacular it was. The conversation was completely enchanting and left us looking forward to their next visit.

After they had left, Ralph and I walked over to the newly mowed pasture. As we stood in the moon light quietly absorbing the beauty of the moon’s reflection across the river, Ralph said,”would you marry me again”

With only the moon as our witness…

One of the vegetable dishes that I prepared for our dinner was Baked Carrots with Garlic, Thyme and White Wine. Young carrots are in abundance at the farmer’s markets. This recipe is one of our favorite ways to enjoy freshly picked carrots.

Baked Carrots with Garlic, Thyme and White Wine

Allow 3-4 small carrots per guest

Trim the carrot tops and scrub the carrots thoroughly.

Prepare a double lined piece of aluminium foil – large enough to hold the carrots and fold into a packet.

Place the carrots in the centre of the foil, sprinkle with sea salt, 2-3 cloves of garlic per 15 carrots.

Drizzle with 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons dry white wine.

Top with a fresh sprig of thyme.

Fold packet so that there are no air leaks.

Place in oven for 40 minutes.

Serve immediately.

Careful when opening the packet as the steam will be very hot!

Thanks for reading.