Decorating Our Victorian Home – the Christmas tree

by Michelle

Every year at Christmas, I have an internal discussion as to whether I will trim our tree as I did the year before or will I deviate. I do not really have that flexibilty. My daughters hold the keys to tradition in our home. As it has been so shall it remain!

Where there is room for movement, is which tree I decorate. I know – how many trees does she have? I have two trees. Both are ten feet high, but one is twice as wide as the other. The bigger of the two is the girls favorite. The smaller of the two is pre-lit. This year I chose the smaller tree.

I use my double parlour as a dining/living room. This tree makes a lovely division between the two rooms. It also allows me to decorate the whole tree rather than the normal three sided trim when one side is against the wall. Trimming an entire tree presents the challenge of three dimensional design. I love it!

Unfortunaltely, after I lugged my ten foot pre-lit monster from the basement, I discovered a quarter of the lights no longer work. Deep breathe – I added lights – problem solved.

A good rule-of-thumb is allowing 100 lights per foot of tree. I like a lot of sparkle so I have 1200 lights on my ten footer.

Next, I apply the garland. This year I am using red and gold sinamay. The girls love it. It takes very little effort, as long as you let it curve and wind naturally. Too much manipulation will cause the ribbon to look stiff and boring.

The livingroom end has a large mantle and french doors – perfect for making our home look like a Christmas card!

I decorate in layers starting with the base. Each additional layer becomes lighter until the piece is complete. It is also important to know when to stop…

Today, I will add the last layer to this part of the room.

Thanks for reading.