Bellagio lake

Las Vegas Blvd – walk with me

by Michelle

Walking in the desert is very different from walking anywhere else. What appears  fairly close remains the same distance away after an hour of moving towards it. I spent yesterday afternoon snapping shots and walking…

This stunning kaleidoscope is a hand-blown Murano glass chandelier which hangs in the foyer of the Bellagio Hotel.

 The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden honouring the Year of the Dragon.

Stunning combinations of flowers were used to dress the giant-sized mannequins.

 I would love to have the flower contract…

This massive skylight protects guests as they arrive at the Bellagio Hotel.

 The Bellagio lake is the home of the famous fountains.

 Eiffel Tower at Paris            the Forum at Caesar’s          entrance to the Venetian

A lot of eye candy…

Each hotel has a completely different look and feel.

 The Venetian’s version of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

A competing hotel reflected in the windows of the Venetian Hotel.

 The entrance to the Shops of the Forum prepares you for the opulence inside.

Hope you enjoyed our walk down Las Vegas Boulevard. Time to soak your feet.

Thanks for reading.