Venice, Italy


by Michelle

Roma was the final chapter in our Italian odessey.

Despite the soaring temperatures, train loads of tourists, wild traffic, brutal car exhaust and sore feet, under the watchful eye of Julius Caesar and countless other famous Romans, we were still game to hunt for the best food that we could find.

I ordered artichokes every chance I got…

Not kidding!

Jewish style artichokes are deep fried until they are totally crispy. I have never had anything but exceptional food in Trastevere which was the old jewish community of Rome from the end of the Roman Republic to the end of the 15th century.

There is nothing that does not taste delicious on crostini!

Unless ofcourse you don’t like liver – I love it!

Stuffed zucchini blossoms were on every menu…

This pasta was dressed heavier than most but it was delicious.

I loved the use of arugula and pecorino as a garnish. It is just the right taste of salt and pepper.

It was hard to walk by the shop windows with these gorgeous sandwiches stacked and ready to go.

The four of us have shared this dream for a long time. We had as much fun planning our holiday as we had actually being there. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude that we acheived what we had hoped for. A once in a life time magical Italian holiday with dear friends.

I am once again completely inspired – time to get cooking!

Thanks for reading.