peach and raspberry shortcakes with lemon thyme

by Michelle

What a fantastic weekend! When you live in Atlantic Canada, weather is not something taken for granted. We don’t wake up knowing the sun will be shining. Mind you, up here on the farm the possibility of successive hot days is much more likely than when we are at home in the city. There we live three blocks from the Bay of Fundy with fog being our constant companion!

To celebrate the gorgeous weather, we entertained friends on Saturday out on the river. I realized while we were out that I have never shown you the stunning vistas that surround my farm. I promise to take my camera the next we go boating…

After spending the afternoon on the boat, we headed back to the farm for a relaxing dinner. I spotted these Ontario peaches at a local grocery store and grabbed them. Too often the peaches I buy are dry and mealy and end up in the compost. These beauties are sheer perfection. It was almost sinful to do anything other than eat them whole.

I am not sure that my guests would have been as excited with dessert had I simply placed a peach on a plate in front of them. However, they did seem tickled when I brought out the shortcakes. I used store-bought individual angel food cakes. It would be better if you made your own so click on the link. I didn’t have the time due to my out-of-control weed situation in the vegetable garden. The sweet juicy peaches worked perfectly with my ripe raspberries. I piled as much whipped cream with the cake and fruit as I could get away with and dessert was ready!

I wanted straight unembellished summer time peach perfection so I only added sugar to leach out more juice. You could also add a little coconut rum or peach schnapps along with the sugar for more depth

I used lemon thyme blossoms for the garnish and a few tiny leaves to add a little zing of tartness.

It was summer in a bowl!

Peach and Raspberry Shortcakes with Lemon Thyme

serves 4

2 large perfect peaches, rinsed, sliced and tossed with 1/4 cup white sugar

1 cup fresh raspberries

4 individual angel food cakes

whipped cream, as much as you like

Place each cake on a plate

Divide cream between the portions

Gently lay the peaches over the cream

Scatter with raspberries and lemon thyme leaves

Garnish with lemon thyme blossom and serve

Thanks for reading.