peach ice cream for my new bowls

by Michelle

Peach Ice Cream

When friends arrive for the weekend and are kind enough to bring lovely ice cream bowls as my hostess gift, I do what any food blogger would do – I make ice cream to photograph.

Peach Ice Cream

I could fib and say my peaches were over-the-sink bite dripping delicious they really were so I had to make peach ice cream but that’s not why I made it. It was all about the bowls.

Peach Ice Cream

Although, the peaches were extraordinary. It’s rare in this part of the world, eastern Canada, to find peaches that aren’t dry and mealy. I could smell these puppies before I even saw them at the supermarket. My nose led me straight to them. I’m sure, I looked a little strange holding a peach close to my nose while I inhaled deeply. I noticed the produce manager staring at me so I assured him not to worry about trying to sell a previously sniffed peach. I would be taking the whole flat!

In my humble opinion, fruit of this caliber should be eater whole and raw and would have, had my thoughtful weekend guests not decided to present me with such fun dessert dishes! I’ve been thinking about writing a post on peach ice cream for weeks so I’ll think of my gift as summer ice cream intervention!

Peach Ice Cream


serves 4

3 large ripe peaches, skinned

2 cups heavy/whipping cream

1/3 cup white sugar
Place peaches and sugar in bowl of food processor, pulse until pureed.

Pour the mixture into the freeze chamber through the opening in the view dome while the machine is running. Gradually pour in cream.

My machine took 20 minutes but every ice cream machine manufacturer is different so keep an eye on it.

When it is ready the ice cream will be at a soft serve consistency. If you like your ice cream firmer, take it out of the freezer chamber and place in a freezer safe container until you are ready to serve.

THE LOVE: This is only worth the calories if the peaches are delicious!

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