summer 2013 – sad it’s over

by Michelle


I thought for a moment that I might not go back to the city. It’s been a perfect summer.

Summer 2013 /

Zucchini blossoms stuffed with homemade ricotta then deep fried and drizzled with marinara I can’t blog about everything we eat. I’d never get anything else done! Bonfires with loved ones on my new patio under a canopy of stars that you need only reach up to touch. New dishes for ice cream...


my dad…dot, dot, dot – translation: there are no words to describe the depth of my love or gratitude.

Summer 2013

Awesome, bliss, decadent, enchanted and wondrous are a few words that I over use.

Summer 2013 /

Never for a moment do I ever take for granted how blessed we are. We give thanks, daily.

Summer 2013 /

Secret places…

Summer 2013 /

Forgotten places…

Ralph and Josh

Loved and saved places…

Summer 2013 /

I played all summer, in the kitchen and in my gardens, developing new recipes for you.

Homestead Lilies

The sunlight sent me constantly running for my camera so I could capture the magic.

Evening Light

Each year our beloved farm becomes a little bit more alive. One dream after another.



First Cut

A summer of heat, sweat, hard work and uninterrupted joy was a powerful combination.

Summer 2013 /

Birthday cakes, pajama parties, barbecues, long walks, boat rides, dinner parties with people we love. Not everyone is able to visit but, they know our door is always open.

Summer 2013 /

Ralph and I, with help and guidance from my dad, are creating a place where our children, grandchildren, family and friends can come and be with us in a world full of wonder and peace.

Summer 2013 /

Thanks for spending the summer with me. XO