my day job

by Michelle


I thought you might like to see what I do all day long.


I took these photographs during a staff tasting of the new dishes I’m featuring on our ‘midwinter’ menu. The tastings let the kitchen work out any glitches with plating and gives the servers a chance to taste and understand the new dishes. This tasting turned into an eleven hour work day for us cooks.


When I started to design this menu, I couldn’t help thinking how this time of year our bodies crave warmth and comfort. Keeping in mind that I live in the great white north, it takes a lot of fuel just to get through the day! Nipping into a cozy little Italian food joint for a plate of pasta and a glass of red wine in the middle of a snow storm is my idea of heaven. Well maybe in heaven it might not be snowing…


There’ll be time enough for light food during the warmer months for now give me rich creamy pasta sauces, hearty lasagnas, bold cheeses, roasted winter vegetables and long slow braises and delicious char-grilled meats and fish. This is the food to celebrate winter!





This is how I spend my day.

Thanks for reading.