loving life

by Michelle

Such a simple thing to do – love life. Ha! Not so easy at all. It’s far easier to bitch and complain sorry about the swear word – it popped on the screen before I could catch it. It could be that I live in a city or a country for that matter that prides itself on being humble. Sadly being humble requires never smiling for too long. It makes people uncomfortable. ‘What’s she so happy about?’ Said with a bit of a cranky edge to the voice!

Nanny Chase and me

It’s always been of a problem for me. You see, I have a big smile and it lingers longer than it should. Maybe it’s because I have big teeth. It’s hard to keep them covered!

I’m kidding. Of course.

The truth of the matter is loving life is a choice. No one is without pain. Pain gets doled out at different decimal levels, at different times and we cope. For me, the key to being able to love my life despite the sorrow or disappointments is celebrating not being the centre of the universe. Everything that happens in my life touches the people around me. We are sharing this journey. Shouldering the weight of our collective lives lessens the hardships and gives me the strength and courage to smile during difficult times. It also heightens the joy.

All this because I walked by someone on the street yesterday and smiled.

She said, “What are you so happy about?”

“I love my life.”

She looked puzzled and asked, “why?”

I couldn’t answer her with a quick explanation and she had no interest in having a conversation. She’ll never see this post but I needed to figure it out…

Thanks for reading.