the wedding day

by Michelle

The Girls

While we were waiting to have our hair done, Mom asked Meggie if she was nervous. Meg looked up from the magazine she was reading, her face beaming and said, “Nan, I’m gonna run up that aisle – I can’t wait to marry Theo”


Laughter, make-up, champagne and wedding clothes…

Girls getting ready

Meaghan wore her great grandmother’s pearl necklace.

Meggie Fastening her Shoes

The first time Ralph saw her…

Ralph and Meg

Moments before…

Moments Before

The groomsmen and lady…

Groomsmen and Lady

She was the happiest bride I’ve ever seen.


A quiet moment…

A Quiet Moment

Surrounded by family and friends, they made their vows.


Grins, Tiffany’s, roses, parasols and family captured.


May your lives continue to be filled with gentle discussion, laughter, joy and magic. xo

Happily Ever After

Thanks for reading.

Photography by Adam Coish