by Michelle

picking my apples before the bear did

One of the most spectacular things about our farm are all of the apple trees. One of the scariest things about our farm are all of the apple trees! Beautiful, abundantly blossomed apple trees are spectacular in the spring, exciting over the summer as you anticipate all of the lovely apples you will be able to pick, and then it’s time to harvest. Sounds romantic until you head out into the orchard and find a great big old bear having a snooze under your most prized tree! Along with bear, our apple trees attract deer and coyote.

Some of our trees are over 100 years old and have not been pruned in many years. Our plan is to rescue four a year until we have them all back to great health. It’s clear that the wild life on the farm are very appreciative~

Despite the bear, we were able to harvest bushels of apples. Ralph and I spent an entire weekend peeling, slicing and freezing our own apples. We loved it! Nothing makes a home smell better than an apple pie baking in the oven. I know pie pastry can be intimidating but this recipe is from the back of the Tenderflake Lard box and it is tried and true! Some of my instruction may seem contrary to other pastry making techniques that you have read or tried. This is my mother-in-law’s technique and she has been making gorgeous pies for 60 years.

rolling out pie pastry


for a teddy bear’s picnic!

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