grilled brie, prosciutto cotto and asparagus sandwich

by Michelle

Last night when I walked into our bedroom Ralph’s suitcase was sitting beside our bed. The same suitcase that he’s used for years when he’s on the road. I sat down and stared at it. The wife of a traveling salesman watches the bag leave and waits for it to come home. I stood up and put it in the closet That’s where I like it best…

I love grilled cheese sandwiches of any kind but, most especially, I love melted brie. Ooey, gooey lovely decadent brie with salty thinly sliced prosciutto cotto a perfectly salted cooked prosciutto and slightly crunchy asparagus topped off with a strong grainy mustard. It’s perfection between two slices of bread! I didn’t include a recipe. You don’t need one. Look at the picture then have some fun building your own!

grilled brie, prosciutto cotto and asparagus

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THE LOVE: The secret to a perfectly golden grilled cheese sandwich oozing with warm melted cheese is your skillet and the proper cooking temperature. You want the bread to toast slowly to give the cheese time to warm. Use a heavy bottomed skillet over medium low heat. When the first side is the color you want, gently turn it over and cook the other side. It’s best not to walk away while your sandwich is cooking, they burn quickly!

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