as solid as rock

by Michelle

And so begins another summer of good old-fashioned quality ‘Hooton family time’. When the girls were little, Ralph and I thought that it was important that our daughters understood the meaning of ‘hard work’ and how many hands could make light work. Ralph dubbed our family work projects as ‘good old fashioned quality family time’. They still run and hide when we use this phrase!

We are finishing the patio area on the south side of the back shed. When I say “we”, what I mean is Dad is the boss with Ralph and I doing as we are told.

Two summers ago, Dad leveled our back shed with hand jacks – no joking. He actually lifted our 100-year-old sagging shed by hand. After it was solidly level, it was shingled and stained. During the construction time, Dad salvaged a granite step from the north side of the house that had sunk deeply into the earth after a century of being trod upon. I love the word ‘trod’ – it sounds so old-english.

Saturday morning the salvaged 1500 lb granite slab was being repositioned to its new home. With the help of our tractor, they were able to bring the stone to the edge of our patio. The challenge was to put the stone in its new resting place without disturbing the new cement walkway or the granite patio frame.

Once the slab was in the patio area, the real work and nail-biting began. They worked while I bit my nails.

They used two logs to position the stone into place. I was thinking – pyramids…

As I watched my husband work alongside my dad, my mind wandered back to the beginning of my life with Ralph. Windbreaks, wharfs, decks, hand carved oak head boards for three little bears, remodeling Sister’s Italian Foods, the farm… My dad’s boundless love and generosity is as solid as granite.

It is all that I have ever known.

I made this dessert after a long day working in the hot sun. It’s quick, simple and you can’t stop eating it! Trust me – the sour cream may sound a little out there but combined with the brown sugar – you will be using your fingers to lick up the last of it after the fruit is gone.

Pineapple with Brown Sugar and Sour Cream

Use as much fresh pineapple as you want with brown sugar and sour cream for dipping.

Cut the pineapple into bite sized pieces.

Place the sour cream and brown sugar into 2 sperate bowls

Serve with toothpicks.

Thanks for reading.